HATCH 3 Software will not open

HATCH 3 Software will not open

Symptom: Hatch 3 software is not opening / no response

Hatch Software affected: Hatch 3

OS Platform:  Windows [Make sure the Windows Operating System is always running the latest update] 


Follow the pre-liminary check by clicking this link  Hatch 3 Preliminary checks (hatchembroidery.com)  and review the Hatch 3 system requirements.  The computer has to meet the system requirements before installing the Hatch 3 software. 

1. Open the CONTROL PANEL from this computer 

2. Locate if HATCH 3 is installed 

Once confirmed, close the Control Panel.

3.  If you click the Windows Icon located on the left bottom corner of the screen then you can browse the programs, do you see the HATCH EMBROIDERY 3?

4. Locate HATCH 3 Desktop icon from your desktop > right click the HATCH 3 desktop icon on your computer and select Run as Administrator

5. Login through the log in page using your HATCH 3 email account 

 6. Once the HATCH 3 has launched > Click Help > About.  You can check the latest update of Hatch from our Hatch Help and Support Site. https://help.hatchembroidery.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-do-i-re-download-my-hatch-embroidery-software

If the Hatch 3 won't open after following the steps above, please raise a ticket here.  https://help.hatchembroidery.com/portal/en/newticket 
Followed by submitting the feedback report. Here's how to submit a feedback report - How to send a support report from Hatch Embroidery software 
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