What keyboard shortcuts are available with Hatch?

What keyboard shortcuts are available with Hatch?

Hatch Embroidery uses toolbars and shortcut keys to provide quick and easy access to common commands. This section provides a list of all keyboard shortcuts available in Hatch Embroidery. Not all shortcuts are applicable to all product levels. 

Tip: In addition to shortcut keys, standard MS Windows® Alt key shortcuts apply to menu commands. Use the Alt key in combination with the letters underlined in the menus. For example, press Alt+F+O to access the Open Design command in the File menu.

Product Help is accessible from within the Hatch software. 

STEPS to open the Product Help

Open Hatch
Click Help
Click Product Help

Type keyboard shortcuts as illustrated in the screenshot. 

You can also, click the link to download the document in PDF form:  HatchShortcuts.book (embroideryhelp.net)

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