WACOM Tablet Pen is Unresponsive

WACOM Tablet Pen is Unresponsive


Series of Issues: 

Pen/Stylus not working as expected with Open Freehand tool

Freehand open and closed paths functions unresponsive

Left click & dragging up/down to move an object/node or freehand up/down does not work on Wacom tablet

Wilcom Software Affected: Hatch Embroidery

OS Platform: Windows 10 (on Creator update)

Tablet: WACOM 

Workaround Solution:  Disable the Use Windows Ink option in the WACOM tablet preferences

Links for reference:  http://101.wacom.com/UserHelp/en/PenDigitalInkWindows.htm http://101.wacom.com/UserHelp/en/ControlPanel.htm http://101.wacom.com/UserHelp/en/OpeningWTP.htm

Wacom Drivers and Release Notes: http://forum.wacom.eu/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=14722#p52960