Using Hatch Embroidery 3 on multiple computers at different times

Using Hatch Embroidery 3 on multiple computers at different times

A Hatch user is licensed to operate ONE instance of Hatch Embroidery software at one time.


To support the possibility that a single user may use the software on multiple computers at different times a single user is able to install Hatch on multiple computers but is still only permitted to operate ONE instance of Hatch Embroidery Software at a time.

If Hatch has already been installed and activated on your computer and you want to use it on a new computer you will need to release one of the existing sessions. To do this:

  • Load Hatch on one of your computers.
  • Browse to File Menu > Sign out and Release License

The new Hatch 3 license method will automatically sign you out of the first computer if you sign into a second computer. This way you can go ahead and use the second computer wherever you are.  When you go back to your first computer, you'll just need to finish your project it left open and sign in again to the software.

If you need to run your computer offline, you can do so but must sign in at least one time while connected to the internet within 30 days.

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