Trying to purchase Hatch Embroidery but it will not take my card

Trying to purchase Hatch Embroidery but it will not take my card

If you are trying to purchase Hatch Embroidery but it is not accepting your credit card, here are some suggestions:


1. Make sure you have sufficient funds available in your credit card account and that the purchase will not go over your limit.

2. Make sure your address entered on the website matches the billing address of your credit card.

3. Make sure your card is still valid and the expiration date hasn't passed. (We see this happen far more often than you may think).

4. Did you know that the PayPal Express Checkout accepts your card too? You choose to use your card OR your PayPal account. You don't even need to register a PayPal account in order to use it with your card!

5. Make sure your card company will allow international transactions. Some are blocked by default. You may need to contact them to give authorization? Tell them you will be making the purchase from Wilcom Pty, Ltd. in Sydney, Australia.

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