PDF files with Hatch

PDF files with Hatch

What is a PDF file?
It' a document file.  (PDF = Portable Document File) It was introduced to ease the sharing of documents between computers and across operating system platforms.  PDF files can contain images, but the PDF file format is NOT an image format.

You need a program that reads and/or writes PDFs.  Generally, this is an external 3rd party program.  However, some versions/builds of Windows have this build in.  You'd need to check your own system to find out.

Can Hatch read/write PDF files?

Not directly.

How do I work with PDF files that have images in Hatch?

You need to save the image that is in the PDF file to one of the image formats that Hatch can read/write.  You can then insert that image into Hatch.

Here is an FAQ on the images that Hatch can read/write: Image formats for Hatch

Can I write a PDF from within Hatch?

Not directly.

If you have a program on your computer that can save to PDF you can use this from within your "Print function" in Hatch.

You may have a program, or your Windows may have a "print to PDF" option.  If so, you can use this to create your worksheet in Hatch into a PDF.  In other words, you are printing to PDF rather than saving to PDF.   NOTE: "print to PDF" does not actually print out anything.  It's just their way of saving to PDF to your hard drive.

How do I use this "Print to PDF" function?

You have 2 options from within Hatch.

     1. From within your worksheet:

If you have your printer set to "Print to PDF" as the default printer, then you can print to PDF fro within the Worksheet using the "Print Now" function.


           The "Print Now" function actually prints to your default printer.


       2. From the File Menu > Print Design function

If your default printer is not set to "Print to PDF", then use the Print Design in the File Menu.  To use this function, prepare your worksheet and then close it.  Click on File Menu > Print Design > then select your PDF printer option and click print.  Remember it will not actually print it out on a print, nor do you have to be connected to a printer.  It will save the worksheet in PDF format.

My windows has the PDF fucntion and here is how it looks on my computer:


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