Janome 550e and RE36b hoop

Janome 550e and RE36b hoop

To set up the RE36b hoop for using with the Janome 550e machine:

You must create your hoop under "others". You cannot create hoops under Janome machines as they are specially programmed and we have not received that from Janome.


Select "Others" as your machine type. ( Do not Janome as your machine type)

Right click on the hoop icon

Create a new hoop

Create the exact hoop size (use mm, not inches).
For the RE36b hoop, the metric size is 200mm X 360mm. You should use this to set your hoops as the machine reads metric not inches.
They only use the inches in US for marketing purposes but they are rounded up/down and not the exact size that the machine is reading.

Be sure to save your design first as .EMB as you'll need to use the worksheet for your color order.
Export to DST as your machine can read DST also. (This hoop will not take the JEF file because of restrictions from the machine).

DST file are not capable to save colors. This is why you need to save as .EMB first as it does save your colors.

Additional notes about your Janome machine:
Janome machines require that the start needle position is set to the center of the hoop. The end needle position can be set to your desired location.
Be sure that you have using these settings.

Here are the default setting for your Janome machine if needed:

Right-click on the hoop icon:

Automatic centering

Check “At start needle position”



Click on the Design Settings menu:

Auto Start and End

Auto Start at: Center position. Have "Maintain Automatically" unchecked.

If you have additional questions contact Hatch Help Site - https://help.hatchembroidery.com/hc/en-us


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