How to use Transfer Design in Hatch 3

How to use Transfer Design in Hatch 3

Some users want to connect their embroidery software directly to the machine. This means you can click 'transfer' and the file will go directly to the machine without the need for a USB stick.


IMPORTANT: If your embroidery machine can be seen as an external drive in Windows Explorer, you may be able to directly connect and send designs from Hatch Embroidery to the machine.


Not all machines have this capability and only support a connection via a USB drive, if you are unsure of the capabilities offered by your machine. Please consult your embroidery machines user manual. 


If your machine requires a special data cable to transfer or special machine drivers, most likely you will not be able to connect directly. Wilcom offers commercial-grade software that may be able to do this for your machine. See here


Try to direct connect with Hatch Embroidery.

1. Connect your embroidery machine to the computer with the cable.

2. Open Windows Explorer and check if you can see the machine as an external drive

If so.....then you may be able to connect directly with Hatch Embroidery and proceed to step 3 below.

If not....then your machine is not capable of direct connections.

3. From within Hatch Embroidery click on the "Transfer" icon


4. This dialog will open when the Machine brand and Machine type combination has not been set-up before:  

5. Select your "Machine Brand" or select "New Brand" (1)

6.  Select your "Machine Type" (2)

7. Select the "File type" your machine uses. This is your "stitch file" (3)

8. Select the "Location" of your machine as shown in Windows File Explorer (4)

9. Click "OK"


The settings are now applied for the selected Machine Brand and Machine Type. No designs are sent when setting up the connection.


If your machine can be connected directly to Hatch Embroidery, it will now be connected, and you can send designs directly to your embroidery machine.


The Context : No Selection Toolbar needs to match the Brand and Machine type of the already setup combo. Clicking Transfer will send the design to the machine.


Output: Transfer Design Dialogue Box 

Just a friendly reminder, if you change the Machine Type drop-down list and change this from Single Needle to Multi-Needle or vise versa, please expect that the Transfer Settings dialogue box will appear again for you to setup the parameters.

What if I cannot connect directly to my machine?


Firstly,  see how your machine accepts the stitch files. Usually this is via a USB stick, which means you can "export" your design files directly to the USB stick and plug it into your embroidery machine.

Some embroidery machines use a reader box. You will then need to follow the directions included with that device.

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