How to use Multi-position hoops in Hatch

How to use Multi-position hoops in Hatch

How to use multi-position hoops in Hatch


A multi-position hoop is a hoop that has 2-3 sewing fields.

They look something like this:

Each sewing field is generally the max. size of your machine sewing field

You do not use the “multi-hooping” feature in Hatch for these hoops as they are completely different techniques.


To use multi-position hoops in Hatch you need to know the following information.

  • The individual size of the sewing field
  • The overall size of the hoop field with multiple positions combined.
  • The output of the design will be output in 2-3 files, each with a number at the end for the sewing order. 

First.....create hoop if not already listed for your machine. It's best if you create these in mm and not inches as most machines internally use mm so your hoops will be more accurate.

Best to look in your owners manual for the exact size of the hoops in mm.

Right-click on the hoop icon > click "create hoop" button


1. Select 3 position hoop

    Give the hoop a name. I generally use the Machine or Brand, hoop size and if it's a 3 position I will indicate that.

2. Put in the total sewing field size. You'll need to check with your own hoop.

3. Put in the width and height of the single sewing field.  This is the max. sewing area of your machine without the multi-position hoop.

4. Click Save Hoop button



Now you are ready to use your hoops in the software.

IMPORTANT: In the multi-position hoops any given object must be smaller than the single sewing field. 

The Multi-positon hoops actually "separate" the objects.  It does not "split the object" which is what multi-hooping function does. 

ALWAYS turn on “registration marks” BEFORE you start!  Software Settings > Embroidery Settings > Multi-hooping tab > check Add registration marks on output


Create a new multi-position hoop in Hatch if needed. Click here if you need help with this.

Look at this image:
You can see the red object (4) is larger than the single sewing field. The red object would not be output and therefore not able to be stitched at the machine.

You would want to use the “knife” tool in Hatch to split the red object manually before you output the design. Click here for information on using the knife tool.


Here I have all the objects smaller than the single sewing field.  So the software is able to separate them into the 3 hoops:


There is one rule you need to keep in mind with the multi-position hoops:
All objects must be smaller and fit totally within one of the hoop positions.
If not, then you would want to use the multi-hooping function in the software.  You can only use the one regular size hoop, but if this is what your design presents, this is the best option to use.
Here are some tips I put together for using the multi-hooping" feature in case you want to do that in the future. There is a video link also.

Tips for Sewing out:

I find that some of the 3rd party hoops do not line up exactly.  This is something you need to watch for and adjust at your machine if necessary.  Sewing out the registration marks will help with this. Also making sure you have the item hooped snug and a good stabilizer will help.

  • Make sure you have both fabric and stabilizer hooped. If not, the first design can pull the fabric as it is stitching. Then when you open the second or 3rd file they would not match up as the fabric has shifted.
  • Use stable stabilizer such as med. weight cutaway
  • Be sure the registration marks are turned on to output with stitch file as you can use these to nudge the machine in to the correct position.

NOTE: your machine may auto center all designs rather than position as saved.  If so, use the registration marks to line up your machine correctly.

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