How to perform a hard re-install of Hatch Embroidery software as a new admin user

How to perform a hard re-install of Hatch Embroidery software as a new admin user


In some case, a user profile is corrupted and it results in an abnormal performance of Hatch Embroidery software, ie, strange error or design thumbnails issue persists. If this occurs, a hard re-install of the software is required as a new admin user.

Here are the steps to complete this hard re-install:

1) Go to Control Panel > User Accounts
2) Add a new user without a Microsoft account and without an email address. Name it "Test" and do not add a password
3) Assign "Administrator" privilege to "Test" user
Note: For detailed instructions on how to create an admin user in Windows 10, please follow the link below:

4) Sign out of Windows 
5) Sign into Windows as the "Test" user
6) Go to the folder below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information

Note: This is a hidden folder. You need to set "show hidden folders" in the Options of File Explorer to be able to see it. If you need help with this, follow the link below:

7) Remove the Hatch Embroidery product code from above folder


8) Then reinstall Hatch Embroidery. The software will regard the PC as a fresh PC. So, it will overwrite everything from the previous Hatch Embroidery installation. 

Note: when you reinstall Hatch Embroidery, please follow these steps:

    i) Right-click on the installer file
    ii) On the right-click menu, click the "Run as Administrator" option

Note: After these steps are done, Hatch Embroidery should be back to normal. Please confirm that it is working okay by running Hatch Embroidery in the new user profile.

If the issue persists after running Hatch Embroidery in your own user profile, then your user profile may be corrupt. You may then need to ask a PC technician for help to resolve this issue unrelated to Hatch Embroidery.  

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