How to export (save) my designs to DST format

How to export (save) my designs to DST format

How to export (save) my designs to DST file format

First be sure to save your design to the .EMB file format if you have made changes to your design.

If you have saved to .EMB and later you need to come back to make more changes, you will still have the original "working file".

When possible, it's always best to "work" with your .EMB file rather than the machine stitch file because .EMB will retain all the properties, colors, etc.

DST file format only contains the machine commands to stitch it out. DST file format is not capable of saving the actual colors, only the color change command that your machine can read.  This is another reason you want to save to .EMB first, to preserve your colors.

Here is how to export (save) to the DST file format in Hatch Embroidery:

Prepare your design first:

  • Save to .EMB first
  • Make sure your file is the correct size to fit the hoop you are using
  • Make sure your design is centered (0/0 setting)


Click the "Output Design" Toolbox


Select the DST format from the list:

 Give your file a name and click "Save"

That is all you need to do - it's really quick and easy to save your design (export) as a DST file format or one of the many other available file formats in Hatch Embroidery.

All levels of Hatch Embroidery will allow you to do this. If you have not yet purchased Hatch Embroidery, you can test it by installing the FREE 30-DAY TRIAL. You do not need to insert any payment details. It's totally free and you get FULL USE of all the paid features.


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