How to allow Hatch to open all Embroidery Files

How to allow Hatch to open all Embroidery Files

Problem: You locate a machine file in File Explorer and want to double click on it and open the file in Hatch.

Solution: Modify your file associations so that machine files are now associated with Hatch. 


Confirm that Hatch is not open.

If at any time you see Hatch Embroidery locate in your program list, select Hatch Embroidery.

Locate your machine file (PES, JEF, DST, VP3, etc) in Windows File Explorer. Right click on the File, Select "Open With". If Hatch Embroidery is not listed, go to "Choose another app".

If Hatch is not listed, click "More Apps". Select "Always use this app to open ..."

If Hatch is not in the resulting list, choose "Look for another app on this PC".

For Hatch Embroidery 3, navigate to: C:\Program Files\Wilcom\Hatch Embroidery 3\BIN and select "HatchEmbroidery.exe", and click Open.

For Hatch Embroidery 2, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Wilcom\Hatch Embroidery 2\BIN, select "Hatch.exe and click Open.

Repeat these steps for any other machine file types you wish Hatch to open.

Please note: If another embroidery is installed after taking these steps, it's make take ownership of the machine file. You will need to repeat these steps.

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