How do I download free designs?

How do I download free designs?

How I download free Hatch Embroidery designs?

In order to access the amazing free designs available on the Hatch Embroidery website, you will need to have a free Hatch Embroidery account.

Note, there is no obligation to purchase anything if you register an account and we do not ask for any credit card information, just a valid email address which will need to be verified.

If you have not created your Hatch Embroidery account visit the Hatch Embroidery website

Complete the registration form.

You will then receive a validation email to confirm your address is correct and activate your account.

Click on the validation link in the email.

You can then continue to the Resource Centre on the Hatch Embroidery website, make sure you are signed in and browse all the incredible designs you can download from the FREE DESIGNS section

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