Hardware or software failure

Hardware or software failure

If your software crashes due to a hardware or software failure, recovery files are
usually created. When you restart Hatch Embroidery after such a failure, the
design you were last working on is opened automatically or, if Auto Save was on,
the backup file is retrieved.


To recover from hardware or software failure...

 Open Hatch Embroidery. The Auto Recovery dialog will appear

  • Normally, you will want to load recovery files for the designs you were last working on.
  • If a recovery file is opened, save the file to a new name with the EMB extension. Once your recovery file has been saved and re-named with the EMB extension, the recovery files will be automatically deleted when you close the software.
  • If the design file itself has become corrupted and is causing problems, you may need to delete recovery files without opening.
  • If problems persist, use the reporting function to seek assistance.
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