EmbroideryConnect Troubleshooting FAQs

EmbroideryConnect Troubleshooting FAQs

FAQ for troubleshooting connections to the EmbroideryConnect device :

If during the Add new EmbroideryConnect process (step 6.) your device is not connecting to your WiFi Network ie the device state indicator does not turn to solid green try the following:

Ensure that you are using the correct password for your Wifi network

To find your WiFi password: 

  1. Ensure your PC is connected to WiFi
  2. Go to WiFi properties
    1. Right click on the WiFi and select properties; or
    2. Go to Settings > Network and internet > WiFi > WiFi properties

    3. Scroll down to the Advanced Wi-Fi network properties and select "Edit"

    4. Select Security tab
    5. Check Show characters for Network security key to view the password.

Resetting the EmbroideryConnect device

To do a factory reset of your WiFi Device:

Plug the device into your computer and insert a hairpin into the Reset aperture on the side. The device state indicator turns white to show that the reset has started.

Hold for 10 seconds. This restores the device to whatever firmware it was initially programmed with. The EmbroideryConnect device can then be reconfigured using EmbroideryHub Hatch Edition.
Make sure the settings on your wireless router allow communication between wireless devices. Please refer to the reference manual of your router. 

WiFi network is not displayed during EmbroideryConnect device setup

If your WiFi is not displayed on the Add new EmbroideryConnect process (Step 3.) try the following:

Make sure the selected WiFi connection is 2.4GHz band.

To check your WiFi Frequency:

  1. Ensure you PC is connected to the WiFi
  2. Click on WiFi properties
  3. Scroll down to find the information next to Network band. this should be 2.4Ghz.

Close the Add New EmbroideryConnect dialogue, wait a few seconds, restart the Add New EmbroideryConnect

Try moving the EmbroideryConnect device somewhere in the range of the network

Even though your computer maybe able to see the WiFi network the device may not have the same range.

Designs sent to EmbroideryConnect device are not found on the machine

If designs are not found on your machine after sending to a device that has been setup and attached to your machine with the device state indicator solid green we recommend keeping the device connected to the machine and trying the Advanced Settings available for the device in the EmbroideryHub Hatch Edition. These include:

-       Reconfiguring the memory size. Most machines accept the default capacity of 8MB but some older machines require smaller sizes such as 4MB or floppy disk size (1.44MB). This can take up to 30 seconds to change

-       Emulate other devices. The EmbroideryConnect device can emulate other types of devices. Some machines can only read designs from YE-DATA or Sandisk.

-       Disabling the serial interface. By default, devices have the USB serial interface enabled in order to configure them on EmbroideryHub. It is best to leave the setting activated in case you need to reconfigure the device. However, if the embroidery machine has a problem with WiFi and serial          interface, you may need to disable it eg with the EmbroideryConnect device connected, the machine may lock up and display an unexpected message.

Beware that changing the memory size or emulation mode in the advanced settings will delete all designs saved on the device.

Cannot send designs to the WiFi Device

If designs cannot be sent from your Hatch software to a device that has been setup and attached to your machine ensure that the EmbroideryHub Hatch Edition is open on a computer in the same network as the EmbroideryConnect device was setup on.

How to check if you WiFi is in the same Network as your Ethernet.

1.      Ensure your computer is connected to the WiFi

2.      Type “cmd” in the Windows Search and press enter

3.      In the command prompt type “ipconfig” and press enter

4.  Search the output for IPv4 Address of the Ethernet and WiFi. The first three sets of numbers show the Network ID. If these are the same, then WiFi and Ethernet are in the same network

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