Can I test different levels of Hatch Embroidery Trial?

Can I test different levels of Hatch Embroidery Trial?

Yes of course you can! (Note: 30-day free trial is for new users of Hatch)

If you have not yet registered a free Hatch account, do so here.

You can then download and install Hatch Embroidery by clicking on the link displayed after registration.

Install the software and launch Hatch Embroidery.

Once you log into your account using your registered email address and password, you are then able to select the level of Hatch Embroidery you wish to trial. Once selected, click "START" to launch using the features for that level.

If you wish to switch to another level, exit the software and re-launch in order to select a different level.

Three more important things to know:

1) You will be asked to select the level each time you run Hatch Embroidery unless you have purchased a specific one.

2) If you tick "Keep me signed in", you will still be able to select the level you wish to trial unless you have purchased in which case it will launch Hatch with the level you bought.

3) If you are not connected to the internet, you are still able to select the level you wish you try.


NOTE: should it not give you the screen to select the level the next time you run the software do this:

1. With the software open

2. Click File menu > Sign out and Exit Program

It will require you to be connected to the internet and sign in again.  When you sign in, it will again show the screen to select your desired level to trial

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